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2010-12-17 14:51:46 by iDevvv

Ok so i have done all the coding i will need to do for the majority of my game, expect screens on 24th od Dec!!!

New game...

2010-12-11 12:04:25 by iDevvv

Okay, i've developed the engine for my new game which will be called "Rebellion: Rise Of The Footsoldier" It's going to be a traditional-style RPG (similar to games such as FF2 or Pokemon) but you will play as a soldier, so no there will be no magic but you will be able to differenciate your attacks due to increasingly powerful weaponary.

At this stage, no screenshots are being released (because its not even alpha yet) but expect the game in Early 2011 with a possible demo before then and screens before 2011 also

Thank you iDevvv

also be sure to check out my YouTube page @